Full Automatic Carpet/Rug Washing Machine ALTAY ROLLER M 2500

Full Automatic Carpet/Rug Washing Machine ALTAY ROLLER M 2500


·         Pre-cleaning system with 4 disc brushes (1 class  high quality reducers are used)

·         6 mm thick high-strength conveyor drum

·         116 mm diameter and 5 mm thick high-strength conveyor drums.

·         Adjustable for heavy-duty cleaning provide you vargel type carpet pressure system (with stable pressure which German miller type-the most succesful linear system)

·         Spring pressure system for equal pressure on the carpet

·         Helical medium brush system for feather embossing

·         Rake system with stripper and water( the most successfull system)

·         Carpet folding system

·         The ability to wash all kinds of carpets

·         First class conveyor belt (resistant to chemicals)

·         Adjustable belt tensioning and split belt system with socket.

·         Versatile, easy to use automation and control system

·         The ability to adjust the dimensions of the conveyor belt in accordance with the size of the carpet

·         The ability to control the speed of all the units in the system through  to the AC drives in the automation substructure

·         Grid system that preserves the fringes of the carpet

·         Double roller bearing hub system that tolarates the pressure of brushes

·         Our machines are compactly designed with mass production model and production and workmanship errors are brought to the automotive industry level.

·         Our machines are manufactured according to the principle of minimum failure level and working under the most difficult conditions.

·         Our machines are designed to achieve the maximum level of results with a small consumption of energy and water

·         Our machines can be produced as chrome, galvanized or epoxy painted.

·         2.50 width-compact conveyor surface

·         Total Brushes: 5

·         Voltage: 380-50 / V-Hz

·         Brush EnginePower: 1.1 KW

·         Brushing units: 4 Disc Brushes, 1 Roller Brushes

·         Total Power: 10 KW

·         Engine RPM: 1400 rpm

·         Brush Speed: 200 rpm

·         Brush Diameter: 40 cm

·         1000 square meters carpet cleaning in 8 hours

·         6 square meters carpet can be washed in 3 minutes on average

·         Carpet washing speed per minute 1m / min

·         Elektric Consumption Per Hour: 10 KW/h

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