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Cleaning carpet is hard a process.

Quality management is essential.

For efficient results, all process should be done completely and correctly.

For good results, the major practices are these:

Brushing process should be done perfectly according to dirt and especially stain on the carpet. Brushes both automatic and manual machines should be stiff. Especially the brushes of automatic machines should suppress well on the carpet.

If brushing process is not done correctly, struggle against stains will be hard.

If you want to remove all stains from the carpet, you will need dozens of different solvents and products according to characteristic of stain.

For  instance, tomatoes and sauces stain can be removed with perchlorethylene,ink stains can be removed carpet shampoo and white spirit.These examples can be increased.

To use such different solvents for each kind of stains is not profitable practice in the industrial carpet washing sector, also it is not seen in existing practices.

The discourse of not guaranteeing to remove stains in the carpet washing sector has developed for this reason.

Era 111 with above mentioned good brushing process can handle %98 of stain. Era 111 contains dense stain removal surfactants.

Global dry cleaning companies that are owner of hundreds of branches, franchising chains, and all kind of advanced technology, use these solvents. Even in this case, these companies do not give guarantee to remove stains and state to their clients for indelible stains are not in the warranty cover.

Indelible stains can not be valid excuse for the carpet washing sector on condition that using effective product, using stiff bristle brush and doing good brushing.

 We want to emphasize again; the brushes of the automatic machines are used in the carpet cleaning, supress well on the carpet and they should be stiff. If it is possible and the stain area can be detected, local brushing on stain should be done. As for manual machine, brush should be kept on the stained area.

       After stains, we want to mention about dirts:

Rake is the oldest and known method in the carpet washing. Rake provides displacement of dirt, which moves up among the pile of carpet, with the help of Era 111 and brushing.

Era 111 carpet shampoo has an ultra-effective formula on the carpet dirts. It helps to loosens dirt and the practice of the rake method.

Rake practice is done in the automatic machine with an apparatus, but in the classical washing, it is done by human labor. Generally; in the automatic machine rake is unidirecectional. Some machine manufacturers may prefer high vacuum technologies such as blowers.

Rake practice is one of the most important criteria to remove dirts.

For total quality management in the carpet washing: wringing the carpets high speed, control after washing, remove the fluff if rake is not done are the most important treatments.

 For good results these are the generally accepted practices even if there are different practices.

      Conclusion: Using stiff brushes both automatic and manual machine, effective brushing in several time if it is necessary, local brushing, good rake practice and Era 111 are essential techniques and products for quality carpet cleaning.

 This article preapered by the chemists who have developed Era 111, All rights reserved.