Poınts To Consıder When Carpet Washıng Facılıty Is Founded


To be successful in the carpet washing sector,there are the important points to consider when carpet washing facility is founded: 

- The facility should have 30-40 m² washing area.

- If  washing practice on the floor with rotary scrubber machine (Click for implementation video of manual washing),  floor  should be 30-40 m² hardened concrete. For flow of washing water , washing area should be gentle slope with 5 degree angle.

- If washing practice with automatic machine, the washing area should be according to machine dimensions (the average dimensions of a machine is approximately 2.50 m x 3 m). There should be a water outlet to discharge the water that is coming from the machine.

- There should be at least one carpet wringing machine in the washing area.  If the wringing machine is close to the washing area or the washing machine, work load will be reduced.

- There are two kinds of method to dry the washed carpets: The first method is to dry carpets with natural wind circulation in a min. 30-40m² covert area by hanging carpets. The second method is to dry carpets with a carpet drying machine by hanging them in a heat insulated room. ( Drying chamber and drying machine are shown in the pictures below.)(See Image 2.1.1 and Image 2.1.2 for Drying Chamber/ Room and Image 2.1.3 for Carpet Drying Machine and See Image 2.1.4 for Practical Carpet Drying Hanger Model.)

Choosing one of these two methods is somewhat depend on the conditions of the country you are in and your business volume. While countries with very cold and windless air, the drying chamber method is preferred, countries with a lot of wind circulation the natural drying method, which is the first method, may be preferred. The drying chamber method is slightly more costly than the first method.

The facility should have at least one panel car to receive the carpets that will be washed and to deliver the washed carpets. The internal length of this vehicle should be at least 2.70 m. 

 The Service can be started after all these preparations are completed with making necessary advertising and promotional activities. When this process is started, carpets shampoos which are produced only for carpet washing should be used to maximize customer satisfaction and to increase the quality of facility.

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Image 2.1.1Image 2.1.2Image 2.1.3


Image 2.1.4 : Practical Carpet Drying Hanger Model