The Key Parts Of Beıng Successful In Carpet Washıng


    If you apply the recommended techniques in the following information in the carpet washing and cleaning process, success will be inevitable for you.

1) What Is The Industrial Carpet Washing:

    The best and accepted method in the worldwide for the carpet washing is that wash the carpets with water. Although many methods have been tried in the carpet cleaning, it has been understood that the most effective method is to wash carpets with water. From this point; industrial carpet washing means that to scrub the carpets with carpet shampoo and brush, to remove dirts with rake system and wringing machine.

2) How are Industrial Carpet Washing done? and What are the Methods?  :  

    There are two kinds of carpet washing methods:

a) Washing on the floor ( See Image 4.2.a for Washing with Manual Machine)

b) Washing with Automatic Machine ( See Image 4.2.b for Washing with Automatic Machine)

            a) Washing on the Floor (Washing with Rotary Scrubber Machine)

                How Does This Process Proceed?

The carpets that are taken from the houses, are brought to carpet washing firms then they are seperated according to their types.

 If possible dusting process should be made before carpets are washed.

If the carpets are washed on the floor, a few carpets are laid to the washing area then the carpets are soaked with water. After the shampoo mixed water is poured on them, the brushing process is started. Brushing should be done sufficiently and attentively. The brush wires of the machine should not be under 80-90 micron.

After brushing has been done sufficiently, rake should be done and the carpets should be rolled and put in the wringing machine. (Click for carpet washing on the floor and the application of rabble )

**What is the rake and how is it done?

The practice of the rake in the carpet washing is to be done for removing the loose dirt from the carpet. The tool or equipment for this process is also called rabble.

Perhaps it may be accepted as one of the most important practice to reach 100% quality. So, how is it done?


With Single-Person Dense and Forward Rake Method: This technique is to swipe the dirt forwardly from the carpet and it is the most suitable technique for today's carpet washing conditions.This technique is accepted and recommended by us.

The main benefits of rake method are: 

Since it is made up to the point of getting clean water from the carpet it provides to remove dust and stain even if the carpet washing is done without dusting process. It eases the quality control process after washing process because of pushing the hair and fur from the carpet. Rake is also a good rinse process. Meanwhile the rake practice also depends on the experienced and physically strong people because it is difficult process that needs muscle force.


                b)      Carpet Washing with Automatic Machine

              If the carpets are to be washed by an automatic machine, the carpet is placed to the machine in the correct direction of the carpet piles, then machine is run for the brushing process. After brushing process, carpet is rolled and put to the wringing machine. When squezzing process finishes, carpet hangs on the hangers to provide complete drying.

Some Important Details for Process of Washing in Automatic Machine :

            One of the handicap of washing with automatic machine is that automatic machines can not do the rake as well as the manual system. However, in case of the brush is not suppressed sufficiently on the carpet, the brush bristle is not stiff , and the engines that turn the brushes do not have enough power can be considered as significant handicaps of these machines.

            For this reason, we suggest to new entrepreneurs to choose washing on the floor and to use automatic washing machine after gaining necessary knowledge and experience and reaching specific washing capacity.


(We teach the use of the rotary scrubber machine which is the first method to entrepreneurs. Please contact with us for detailed information: WHATSAPP +905061568011)

-         -  Finally, Dried carpets are put on the quality control tables. Then, the carpet perfume is sprayed and carpet is rolled again to make ready for the delivery.



 Image 4.2.aImage 4.2.b

3) How to Clean Carpet Fringe? :

    There are no fringe in the newly produced carpets, but there are millions of m² carpets with fringe still in use.
    Despite the fact that the carpets produced in recent years are without fringes, there are still fringes in the old carpets, especially hand woven and woolen carpets.
    Even if the companies use different methods in the cleaning process of carpets with fringe, the most accepted method is the cleaning with pressurized water at the right distance and squeezzing process.
    The 150 bar water pressure from the distance of 15-20 cm makes white fringes of carpet perfect. This process is generally practiced after the dirts are loosened by brushing of the carpet. 
** Unconscious and raw usage of bleach greatly cause damage on fringes.

How to Wash Hand Woven and Woolen Carpets? :

- In the hand woven and woolen carpet washing process, the key part of all the expertness and ability is to act immediately.
- The biggest problem in washing these types of carpets is that the color interference.
- In order not to cause color mixing, washing process should absolutely be one by one and immediately. 
- The process of washing to hand woven and woolen carpets ; as soon as the carpet which is cleaned from dirt and dust, is soaked and the  brushing process is started with ERA 111 carpet shampoo without losing time.

- The ERA 111 Hand Woven and Woolen Carpet Shampoo is presented to the usage of firms that washes high rate of woolen carpet and wants to decrease the risk. Era 111 Shampoo with its color-preserving pigmets ease the process a bit more; but absolutely correct practice of the washing technique is fundamental.
- After the brushing is done without losing time, the carpet is rinsed with rake quickly and serially.
- If the carpet has long pile, in order to the carpet shampoo penetrate the pile, the rake system can be done to -and- fro before forward rake.
- After the rake and rinse practices, the washed carpet is taken to the wringing process.
- Hand woven and woolen carpets are wringed one by one because of the risk of the color migration.
- The carpet taken from the wringing machine is opened immediately and hanged.
- In hand woven and woolen carpet washing process, all the mastery is to move fast.
- To summarize; below practice chain is followed, and as long as these products are used, the possible risk of the bleeding of the carpet  and color interference is removed.


    The experience and ability of carpet washing master is very important in this method. Because of not being a standart to hand woven and woolen carpets, it should not be forgetten each kind of carpet has characteristic features.

4) What is The Process Of Color Correction in Hand Woven And Woolen Carpets And How is It Done?

    The point that should not be forgotten in the color correction process is that it is a bleaching-based practice. In this practice, the loss of color up to 5% to 15% should be considered as side effects and practice faults.
    The result of hand woven and woolen carpets are washed out with the wrong methods and techniques, the colors of the carpets blend and the dark colors create dominant tones on the light colors. This problem is often encountered due to the lack of experience, waiting the carpet in water and usage of inappropriate products.

COLOR CORRECTION FOR CARPET WASHING: Above and in the previous title, it is told how to wash carpet without blending. In this narrative, we will examine how to make color correction of hand-woven and woolen carpets.
  • First of all, the carpet is washed and rinsed in a normal way, the carpet remains damp by raking without wringing process. 
  • The color stabilizer is put according to proper measure of carpet m² (for 6 m² carpet, a glass of stabilizer into 15 liter water will be enough according to the bleeding situation). Color stabilizer mixed water is applied equally on all surface of the carpet.
  • At this stage and afterwards, brushing and rake should not be done on the carpet. Here, within a few minutes, the color stabilized perceptibly.
  • This time may vary depending on the percentage of carpet situation and air temperature. Since it is very important to act immediately in this process, rinsing is carried out within a few minutes and immediately carpet is wringed. After this process it is possible to restore the carpet up to rate of 95%.
  • Since the optimization of the quantity of the applied chemicals according to the carpet type and the time management requires expertness, the quantities and timing described here should be regarded as reference points so all other precautions should be taken against possible problems. The point that should not be forgotten in the Color Correction process is; this process is a bleaching-based practice. In this practice, the loss of color up to 5% to 15% should be considered as side effects and faulty practice. (Click for Color Correction Application of Hand Woven and Woolen Carpets Video)

5) Nepal And Shaggy Carpet Washing Technique 

Nepal and Far East Carpets Washing Technique: This type of carpets are washed with the same technique for the hand-woven and woolen carpets. Especially, acidic chemicals such as active chlorine should not be put to carpet shampoo mixed water, because Nepal carpet types have light colors. Such chemicals are caused to the burning on the carpet surface.

Shaggy Carpets Washing Technique:  To wash this type of carpets with brushes that are commonly used is inconvenient. This type of carpets are delicate. If you want to use aqueous system washing, you should scrub to applying carpet shampoo with soft brushes which are used in carwash sector. After that direct rinse process should be done and passed to wringing process without rake process. With this method,it is possible to obtain quite good results according to the type of the carpet.

6) Hanging and Drying

There are two kinds of method to dry the washed carpets. The first method is to dry carpets with natural wind circulation in a minimum of 30-40m² covert area by hanging carpets. The second method is to dry the carpets with a carpet drying machine by hanging them in a heat insulated room.
(See Image 4.6.1 for Carpet Drying Hangers, See Image 4.6.2 for Drying Chamber-room and  See Image 4.6.3 for Drying Machine)
** Choosing one of these two methods depends on the circumstances of your country and on your business volume. While in the countries with very cold and windless air drying chamber –room method is preferred, countries with a lot of wind circulation the natural drying method may be preferred. The drying chamber-room method is more costly than the first method.

7) Quality Control and Carpet Packaging 

A damp carpet sweats in the package. The carpet that will be delivered with package needs to be dried well.
Even if the washed carpet  is dried completely,  there is very little moisture can remain inside of the carpet.
Because packaged carpet cannot take the air,some negativeness that may be experienced are these:
After the carpet is packed, if carpet left in firm or service car for a long time, water particles may formed on the package. So the carpet sweats. Explain this situation to the customer may be difficult and the customer may think that you brought the carpet before it was not completely dry.

This tiny moisture, remaining among the piles of the carpet causes bad smell. 
Moisture inside the nylon package sweats the carpet. This situation neutralizes the perfume and prevents the good smell. 
Carpets decay early and carpet lifetime is shortened.
Humidity is the most suitable environment for the development of diseases such as fungus. This phenoomenon can also accelerates the formation of fungus on the carpet and pave the way for fungal infection.
If the  damp carpet is left in the nylon package for a long time, mold will form on the carpet. 
Carpet to be washed for health and hygiene can be very harmful on the contrary.

    For all these reasons, to dry the carpets thoroughly and put them in the package as fully-dried is very important. When delivering carpet, service personel should inform the customer to take carpet out from pakage even if the carpet is thoroughly dried before being packed. Also service personel should ask how long carpets stay in the package and advise to make a hole in the package if the carpet not to be laid soon. 

  1. 8) If the process is without rake system, Dusting process is more important.
        It is generally accepted that dusting process before washing is a very important practice. Brushing in the carpet washing process is one of the most effortless task. On the other hand complete the process with rake is hard and important. Dusting process is the best method to fill the deficiency of the rake system. If your brushing operation is convenient and complete and also you use quality products at the same time, your best possible investment will be to buy functional and quality dusting machine to increase your service quality. Dusting machines are generally produced as band type nowadays. Cage type dusting machines, which are preferred  and used formerly, are less efficient and functional than band-type dusting machines.

Video 4.2.a Carpet Washing Manual Machine on The Floor                                                                            Video 4.4.1 Carpet Washing Manual Machine on The Floor




Image 4.6.1Image 4.6.2Image 4.6.3